* To provide world class quality and value based education with making teaching-learning interactive

through ICT based and project based learning with practical applications.


* Fostering research and dissipate research findings among the students and staff for the development of the nation and community.

* To inculcate and execute innovative ideas and best practices for overall development of institute.

* To provide conductive environment and to create studious, disciplined working environment with safety and security provisions.

* To strive hard for overall development of diversified students with promoting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

* To establish linkages with academia and industry for training and enhancing skills of students and staff.

* To be a catalyst for establishing a strong relationships and bonding between all stakeholders.

* To strengthen entrepreneurial skills, career counselling and placements activities to make successful professionals in diverse fields.

* To contribute to the nation by generating a pool of human resources which is employable and capable of competing globally and socially responsible.

* To motivate ‘techno-social’ concept by endorsing dynamic equilibrium to maintain socio-culture and ecological environment to fulfill the obligations of the society and the nation at large.

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