Library OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue)

Library is the place where new ideas are generated and visions are broadened. The institute has a provision to include mandatory library hours in the time table so that the students spend ample time in the company of books and recent technical journals.

The institute’s central library covers a ground area of about 612 sq. mtr. with a seating capacity of 200 students. The interior of the library is well furnished with ergonomically designed seating arrangements. The library is divided into; 170 sq mtr. reading zone, 325 sq. mtr. stacking area and 117 sq. mtr. issuing area. The library is sufficient to a large extent and covers 25821 books' collection and 102 National Journals and Magazines pertinent to the courses offered by the Institute. The students can also access journals and magazines through the magazine zone available in the library

The library is digitalized with SLIM software and is connected with the main server up to the hostel via WiFi network so that students can access OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) through the hostel terminals. Reprographic facility has also been made available to the students and faculty members. Digitalization of the library has been successfully done. The library remains open for the entire duration of the college timing and provision is also made for 16 hrs access during University Examinations. The Library is self-sufficient with all the academic fulfillment and has a sound collection of books, National, International Journals, Educational CDs, DVDs and CBTs. Apart from this, the library is having E-Books, E-journals, E-Magazines, IIT Video Lectures (NPTEL), Institutional membership with IIT Bombay, DELNET membership and 8 international E-Journals databases (IEEE, ASME, ASCE,SPRINGER, McGRAW HILL, J-GATE, ELSEVIER and ASTM Digital Library).

E-Resources available at Central Library are:
  • Digital Library
  • Member, Nation Digital Library





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