SC-ST Cell

SC-ST Cell

Constitution of SC/ST Cell:

Sr. No.

Name of the Member







Prof. Dr. J. B. Patil




Prof. A. R. Mahire

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering



Prof. N. G. Shinde


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering



Prof. V. K. Agham

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering



Mr. Nitin R. Deore

Department of Mechanical Enginnering

Student Representative


Miss. Bhavna V. Dabhade

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Student Representative


Mr. Piyush S. More

Department of Electrical Engineering

Student Representative


Miss. Punam N. Pawar

Department of Electrical Engineering

Student Representative


Mr. Rohit A. Thorat

Department of Computer Engineering

Student Representative


Objectives of SC/ST Cell:
1. To Guide students of SC/ST category of the Institute, to avail the benefits of the various schemes floated by Government and UGC.
2. To promote equality and social justice for SC/ST students.
3.  To monitor the SC/ST students in enhancing their academic performance.
4. To assist the SC/ST students in optimizing their development in their personal and social life.
5. To help the SC/ST students to integrate with the mainstream of the university community and to remove difficulties, which they may be experiencing.

Functions of SC/ST Cell:
1. To provide facility of online Scholarship form filling on Maharashtra state government portal. 
2. To support student progress in their academic, co-curriculum extra- curriculum by implementing local guardian scheme.
3. Development of student by providing quality enhance program i.e. QEEE- Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education in which  institute is ‘partner’ for QEEE  which an initiative taken by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of India and IIT, Madras.
4. The institute motivates SC/ST students for achieving higher qualification by providing online resources for the preparation of GATE and competitive examination.
5. SC/ST Students are encouraged to obtain foreign and recognized university certification programs through MOOCS. 
6. To keep minimum drop out the institute conduct remedial and tutorial.
7. To provide book bank facility for SC/ST students.
8. The institute’s social ‘E-builder’ group through its extension activities contributes and helps poor and needy (SC/ST) children of ashram schools. 


1. To ensure that at least two   meetings per semester should get executed.
2. To identify current scheme and information benefited to SC/ST students.
3. To make all members aware about current scheme and information and ask them to inform students repsentatives.
4. To make follow up of whether members delivered current scheme and information to students repsentatives 

1. To communicate the identified information among students of respective department.
2. To conduct meetings effectively.
3. To take follow up of whether identified information is perculated among the other SC/ST students by student representatives.
4. To maintain the register of minutes of meetings.

Students Representative:
1. To attend the meeting regularly and positively.
2. To perculate the information discussed in meetings among other SC/ST students of respective department.
3. To inform member regarding any benefited students related to perculated information.
4. To discuss issue (if any) related to academics.

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