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Applied Sciences & Humanities

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Started Year : 2001

About Department
Engineers starts their journey through the First Year of Engineering. Hence the main aim of First Year Engineering Department is to prepare strong foundation of students on four basic pillars:
  • Building necessary academic knowledge based on proper understanding of basic sciences i.e. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry which are essential for engineering. Introduce fundamental subjects of major engineering disciplines such as Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Civil Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics and Basic Computer Programming.
  • Inculcating creativity and innovative thinking abilities through possible exposure to the various engineering subject applications which they study during first year.
  • Making them aware about the necessary personality traits, attitude, behavioral aspects and skill sets to become responsible student and overall good human being.
  • To create and cherish sense of self responsibility and make them realize about their responsibilities towards parents and society.     
  • To develop an attitude to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • To develop an ability of communication and team work.
  • To enable to work on modern techniques by understanding emerging trends in technologies.
  • Inception of values and ethics amongst students.
  • To develop overall personality of the students.
As a result of these best practices and team efforts the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities (First Year of Engineering) is showing good improvements in following aspects:
  • Improved quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Improved overall attendance and academic discipline among students. Reduce dropout ratio of first generation learners.
  • Enhanced enthusiasm among students for their participation and involvement in organizing and participating in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Healthy, participative and most conducive environment to create and nurture student’s development and grooming them to proceed on the right path on journey to be competent Engineers and good citizens. 

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