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Computer Engineering

Intake : 180

Started Year : 2001


Computer Engineering is the fusion of computing and communications technology is by far the most powerful technology ever developed. A computer engineer who desires to create a niche in the IT sector cannot solely rely on his coding insticts along. He needs to have strong system operational skills to be proficient in installations, networking and troubleshooting as well. this calls for strong computing and networking facilities with ideal configurations where a student can explore and learn.

RCPIT provides the finest computing environment that a student can ever dream of.the department of computer engineering and Information Technology lays significant amount of empasis on offering students with maximum system operational time to improve their programming, networking and troubleshooting skills. A total of 22 state-of-the-art Air Conditioned Labs with Research Center Provides ideal platform for performing the prescribed practicals by 24X7. the PCs are provided with uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout the year.

UPS from Emmerson Liebert supports uninterrupted work in times of powercuts.


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